OnBoard Study & Migration is a professional migration and education agency providing expert advice and individual approach to each client.

Team at OnBoard Migration are experts on Australian visas and immigration with a vision to assist our clients in realizing their Australian dream.

We strive to accomplish our vision by:

  • Providing expert, clear and transparent information and advice from the first point of contact with a client.
  • Personalised approach to each client’s individual situation and goals when creating their migration strategy.
  • Delivering the highest level of customer service during the whole process of preparation and submission of the visa applications.
  • Creating added value for our clients by combination of competitive fees with services that exceed the expectations.

As migrants ourselves, we understand how daunting and stressful the visa process can be and therefore we wish to take that load off your shoulders. Through our industry knowledge and experience we are offering you assistance in each step towards reaching your goal and getting your new visa.

Why work with a Registered Migration Agent?

Australian immigration is complex and can be stressful, expensive and time-consuming. Therefore we aim to make this process as positive an experience as possible for all our clients.

By engaging a professional like OnBoard Migration you will:

  • Get expert advice about your options. Together we will assess different pathways according to your circumstances and create a personalized strategy for your case.
  • Minimize risks such as applying under wrong subclass or incorrect occupation, not providing necessary documents, making mistakes in application forms and so on.
  • Receive realistic timelines for lodgment and processing of your application so you can plan ahead.
  • Get support through the whole process from initial advice until a decision about your visa application, including regular updates and information.
  • Know all the costs upfront – we work with a fixed price, so there are no hidden fees. From the very beginning, you know exactly what the costs of your process are going to be.
  • Have a peace of mind as you can rely on the experienced professional who is looking after you.

We look forward to working on your migration journey!

Meet us

Zuzana Bajtosova Zuzka Husikova
zuzana zuzka
I have been living in Australia since 2009 – originally I planned only a year-long stay to study, but now I am grateful to call Sydney my second home. About seven years ago I started working in the migration industry, and after graduating from Victoria University I became a registered migration agent. During my years of experience in this field, I had the opportunity to work on hundreds of visa applications, consult with a number of clients and assist them in turning their Australian dream into reality. As migration legislation is constantly changing, the work in this industry is very dynamic and complex, however, the feeling when I can give the client a good news about their visa approval always keeps me motivated. When not at work, I enjoy practicing yoga, spending time in the ocean or exploring new countries and cultures. My path to obtain international education started in 2008 when I arrived in Australia for the very first time for 6 months of studies, which turned into 4 amazing years spent in this country. I used my experience as an international student right after returning back to Slovakia by working as a student consoultant in an education agency, where I have realized that this is the line of work I intend to pursue in my future. During this time, I have also came across one of the language schools in Canada where I was given the opportunity to join their team in Vancouver alongside people from different cultures who are not scared to dream big. This experience just assured my decision about working in this industry and assisting others in fulfiling their dreams, the same way as my own dream has once started.